Swiss Watch, Dutch Made

Arnold Vos, owner of Schaftenaar Jewellery and designer of Schaftenaar Watches, started at the age of fifteen at the watchmaker trade school where he learned the tricks of the trade. In the years following he repaired not only small, but also many large clockworks, even a church clock!
Because of his passion for this ancient craft, and as the owner of a shop with its own workshop, he decided to educate the current generation of apprentice-watchmakers. By teaching others, he is able to pass on his own knowledge and passion, as well as the craft of the founder, Mister Schaftenaar, who started the shop at the Market in Harderwijk in 1901.

Despite the high volume of watches he sells in his store, he was missing a high quality Dutch product in his collection.

Therefore, he has invested his nearly 40 years of experience in creating his own quality product: Schaftenaar Watches®. Watches of Dutch produce, made from the best materials: handmade leather watch straps, custom made cases and dials and the latest Swiss mechanical timepieces in classic Dutch design. A unique product and a watchmaker worthy!

If you are interested, do not wait too long, because this is a product which thrills watch lovers and watch makers alike!