Congratulations on the purchase of your Schaftenaar Watches® watch.
We have used the best materials and components in order to provide you with a high-quality watch. To maintain this quality, we would like to offer you some important tips about the use of your Schaftenaar Watches® watch.

A watch is a unique piece of craftsmanship, the result of centuries of research, improvements and adjustments.

To give you an idea of the kind of masterpiece you have in your hands, imagine this; the axles within the bearings are only a few tenths of a millimetre small, and yet these timepieces work 365 days a year. Compared to the parts of a car, some parts of a watch “drive” around 150.000 kilometers (93,205 miles) per year, for years on end, without needing a service at a garage. To ensure your watch receives some well-earned TLC, we recommend you take your masterpiece to one of our specialised watchmakers after around 8 to 10 years. We will ensure your watch will be restored into top condition.

Journey and Traveller fast date setting function -- very important!

Speed date must only be used when you have assured yourself that the hands of your watch are not in the area of 9 pm and 3 am. To check this, first pull out the crown as far as it can go, and then turn the crown to see if the date and/or day display is changing. If so, you know that you are around midnight. Turn the button out of the danger zone and then move the day and/or date with the button in first click position (about the thickness of a nail between case and button). This will prevent the cogs from bending or even breaking off and causing a lot of damage to your watch, resulting in high costs since the clockwork will need to be stripped down in order to repair.


This model has 2 time displays, the 1st dial can be seen in the middle, and has the long hands. The 2nd, small dial with the small hands is situated just above the number 6. You can move the long hands by pulling out the crown to the 2nd and furthest position.

By turning the crown backwards (anti-clockwise), the 2nd time will turn back after half an hour. Do not go further back while the big hands do go further back; it is designed this way so you can set a time difference. When you turn the crown in the opposite direction, the small hands will move forward also and will turn synchronously with the time difference that was created.

The day and night indication is synchronised with the hands of the small watch dial. Advice: set this dial to the time of the location you came from, so you know what time of day or night it is over there.
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