Schaftenaar Watches® uses high-quality materials and certified parts, therefore we warrant this watch against material- and manufacturing defects for two years after the date of purchase.
This warranty does not apply to:
  • Loss, theft, fire, natural disasters and accidents
  • Normal wear and tear
  • Damage caused by external influences, incorrect use or inexpert executed repairs
  • Unauthorized works performed on the watch by any party other than an official Schaftenaar Watches® dealer
  • Glass, watch strap, crown, spindle and buttons
  • Problems concerning water resistance in case the watch is not biennially checked by an official Schaftenaar Watches Dealer®
In order to be considered for the above mentioned warranty, please present the Schaftenaar Watches® watch along with the corresponding, completed and valid warranty card to one of our official Schaftenaar Watches® dealers, an overview of which you can find on our website www.schaftenaarwatches.nl If you cannot find a dealer in your area, please contact Schaftenaar Watches’® headquarters.
Outside of the aforementioned warranty conditions, Schaftenaar Watches® accepts no liability.

Extended warranty

Since we have full confidence in the high quality of our watches, Schaftenaar Watches® offers you the option of extended warranty. If you bring the watch to us before the end of the second year after the date of purchase, the warranty can be extended by two years. For 75 euros the watch will be checked and restored if necessary, and the warranty will be extended. The issuing and payment of the extended warranty needs to take place upon presenting the watch to an official Schaftenaar Watches® dealer before the end of the second year after the date of purchase of the watch.

Carefully read the manual of your watch for proper use so you can enjoy the watch for many years.
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